In the latest sharing session, the theme is the power of color in communicating. People do not want to buy ads, but they might listen to a story, and color is a powerful story telling tool because it can affect our emotion, mood and behavior. In advertising, color has a strong association with branding. With color identity, we can create bond with the consumers. The same goes to movies. Some movie directors have very distinct visual style, which color plays a major role in. A solid color palette in cinematography helps film fans to recognize a certain director's movie.

This session focused on how directors use colors in filmmaking and how we can apply the same treatment in advertising. In film drama, colors serves to represent narrative functions, horror movies use color symbolism to create intense atmosphere, while animation studios use color script to map out the experience from start to finish. The session gives us many examples on director's color treatment in some of the best films of all time. Simply put, when directors are playing with color, they are playing with our emotions. The result is an unforgettable movie that not only entertains, but also creates a strong emotional bond with audience.

After the session is finished, we have a lively discussion on how far we can go to explore the use of colors in our own work. We learn that a touch of color can express just as much as a bold headline. Color is the art of communicating our ideas; it is up to us to make an interesting and meaningful ad with colors.

The purpose of this sharing session is to encourage us to get more creative with colors. There are many ways to develop effective ad by using color to convey our message. Let's get creative with colors!

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