You need to know when the consumers start losing interest in your product. When that happens, bells and whistles will not really make them coming back to you.

Revamping your brand will do the trick, though. When thinking brand revamp, immediately you will be thinking of investing large amount of money.

South Korea gives a remarkable story of image revamping. Rooted from their vision to become one of the world’s super powers, they rebranded and relaunched the country to become a hip, modern and aspirational country by activating the “soft power” of pop-culture revolution.

But there is something to be said about deliberate and orchestrated changes to give the business a much needed facelift.

When overhauling is not an option, changing a single element, such as the logo, can give an immediate facelift if done correctly. Then strategizing an online presence will make a more memorable presence and appeal to the potential targets.

The most important thing is making a decision to start somewhere.