the troupe

Entering N3O'€™s premises is like going down the rabbit hole, so before you get confused, let's meet the creatures one by one!

    A jester by nature, Obet is the guy you want to see when you need a pick-me-up; but when it comes to work, Obet means business. His wacky behavior always lights up the room, which makes each brainstorming session (or any meeting, really) a fun one - and whatever pops out of his head is always awesome! He's nailed every single presentation he's ever done, and theatrically, too, which had gained him a distinctive reputation amongst our clients.

    Obet thinks a deadline-crazed world can only be conquered with an even crazier behavior, that's why to him, every brief is just a piece of cake. Obet channels his inner fighter through the art of Tae Kwon Do, in which he has gained mastery and even passed his skills on to younger generations. Even so, he still cowers in terror on the slightest sight of a dog. An awesome partner and a true friend, Obet is truly a unique creature you would have to meet in person.


    This seemingly mature father of 4 is our guardian of the visuals. Yudi's work-related concern is all about quality, as he is the one who has to finalize every artwork before going into production - which is why he is discipline about timing, too. But he's not all serious and strict, Yudi loves making a laugh out of other's misery, and will most likely be amongst the first people in line when there's free food available. After all the stress to make sure every material needed is complete and perfectly executed, Yudi needs his cigarette breaks and likes to get lost in sci-fi movies. On a slow day at work he enriches himself visually by looking up awesome references around the interwebs.

    Fishing is one of Yudi's favorite pastime activities, because fishing teaches him to be patient and to fully appreciate what he has earned. Yudi never misses his prayers, and he always tries to spend time with his family as much as possible, visiting places and play song-guessing games with his kids.


    N3O's business is Eka's business, and Eka's business is all about making the money go around. She leads the account team with such prowess that grants her not only admiration, but also camaraderie from everyone in the gang, and from our clients too. This loving, caring mother packs a badass attitude that can sometimes lead people to think that she's rough or cold-hearted - which she isn't, at all, she's just a very honest person who always tells it like it is. When things get slow at the office she always calls her son Kenzie, or takes a trip to the creative room - and she never fails to find something to laugh at.

    Despite her very demanding occupation, Eka always makes time to tend to her family, the driving force behind all her hard work. Like most women, Eka finds comfort in shopping, which is evident by the size of her shoe and wristwatch collection!


    Inside this scruffy-looking bearded man is a big warm fluffy heart made of marshmallows (and nasi Padang). Iqbal is in a constant battle against the forces of man-boobs and is hungry more often than he likes to admit. Sometimes we think he needs to stop eating other people's food, but when you really think about it, Iqbal does need more than just his portion of meal! He has to juggle endless tasks from idea conception to sketching to crafting impressive layouts, and not to mention all those times spent squealing in fear during his terrorist-slaying efforts in his video games!

    Iqbal does wonderful hand-drawings and is a Photoshop wizard. He approaches his manic tasks with such patience and cool-headedness, because to him, obstacles that he faces don't block his path towards accomplishments, they are the path instead. Iqbal's head is filled with weird jokes, video games, cats and a world of anime; and he can often be heard humming to K-Pop or laughing his ass off over internet memes.


    As the Darth Vader to Maria's Lord Palpatine, Fero makes it his duty to provoke the creatives to devise ideas that are wild enough to meet our standards, yet tame enough to be acceptable by the masses. He has a million tricks up his sleeves and is able to think on his feet should he be required to provide a solution on the spot. He is always cheerful and full of energy, which come in handy as he has to constantly keep the troupe on a roll. Fero believes there's no such thing as a perfect world, a fact he has learned to outsmart by always doing what he loves, and loving what he does, which is why he's our beloved creative director!

    Fero gets rid of any stress by watching surf and skate videos, sipping on chocolate-y bubble tea drink, blasting Danzig through his stereo, and sometimes by riding his longboard from room to room. When feeling a bit more crafty than usual, he takes a trip to the beach to build surfboards for people under his own flag Glück - and of course to score some waves. Fero is always daring and all set to face any challenge, or to put it simply, if this whole world is one big wave, he would literally and figuratively ride it!


    An all-round awesome guy, at daytime Bima can be seen behind his desk, playing with stunning graphics and layouts, looking up endless references (he always gives the coolest ones), or killing his enemies in a clash of Call of Duty with the rest of the boys. At nighttime, Bima is "out creeping while you're sleeping" (don't worry, Bima is not a stalker), which is a saying in the graffiti world that means bombing at night (you know, drawing, not THAT kind of bombing obviously). Bima learns by seeing, he applies his daytime skills and thinkings to his nighttime's and vice versa, which is how he always contributes beyond his responsibility and constantly comes up with amazing ideas.

    Bima is all smiles and never looks like he's in a bad mood. His perfectly timed and casually dropped witty one-liners always induce bursts of laughter from every corner of the room. Bima puts on his reggae or jungle music to psych him up, and when he's not dwelling in the ad world, he's active as the main man behind Bad Habits Magazine and Gardu House Sunday Sketch Jammin'.


    This always-smelling-good gentleman will charm you with his smile and deep husky voice. Bagus never leaves his laptop alone and is always on the phone - because our clients love him so much! When he's not in a meeting or taking care of other serious stuff, he can be seen having chit-chats and laughs over beer at the local bar, touring with his beloved Vespa community or jamming along with his shoegaze outfit Mellonyellow - charming every girl in the audience.

    Bagus views his responsibility as a means to train him to be a better person, and he believes that putting all of his heart in everything he does will surely lead to something good. He's always über nice to the creatives and that's why they are willing to get off their lazy asses to finish their tasks in time, and perfectly too. Bagus never fails to deliver!


    Our resident nocturnal creature, Ardi is often seen with one foot on the table - don't ask why, just accept - when he's working on something on his computer. Known as the Snacking Prince, this handsome man basically lives off sugar - which is understandable, considering sugar is what fuels him to consistently generate awesome ideas and craft beautiful layouts, and with great attention to detail, too! Ardi is a man with a million skills, taste and such a unique point of view, making him an art director you can truly depend on.

    He can't stand sitting still for a long period of time; it wouldn't be long until he emerges from his chair, do some stretches or weird dog-like moves around our premises. "Mangan granat kabueh!" is often blurted out of Ardi's mouth, a threat directed towards his enemy combatants when he goes to war in Call of Duty - an activity he favors besides making pervy jokes and illustrations whenever he needs to escape from his responsibility. As long as there's enough snack supply, rest assured every task is safe in Ardi's hands.


    Mouth as loud as a car horn, tongue as sharp as a sword, but you know what? We forgive her, because without Wulan's annoying nags, our already insane deadlines and schedules could probably get messed up. When Wulan is quiet, she's most likely drowning in Korean dramas, but when she's not, her voice can be heard by the entire block. This happy-go-lucky girl is never short of snacks or chocolate, because she works with numbers and schedules all the time and she needs them as a boost.

    Wulan is always laughing, she faces her responsibilities with a lot of positive energy so they never stress her out. Besides keeping our workflow running smoothly, Wulan also has to make sure everyone is fed properly, so whenever someone's hungry, all they have to do is yell out her name and nag for food! Wulan is our babysitter and we like having her around.


    Myta is a loud, bouncy ball of energy who knows how to make an entrance. This sassy player has all it takes to be the perfect intermediary between N3O and our dear clients, and although often times annoying, her pesky squeaks get the jobs done in time. She needs feel-good music to keep her head on her errands, and can be seen (and heard) craving for snacks from time to time. Myta is always loud, giggly and excited, and this positive energy radiates to other members of the gang.

    Armed with her communications skills and knowledge, Myta is secretly planning to take the world by storm, and marry Justin Bieber on the way. To her, life is a game, and it depends on how smart you're going to play it.


    The ringleader, the principal, the mother hen, the keeper of the keys, the head of the pack, the evil overlord, the commander-in-chief, you name it! Maria, fierce yet bubbly, is N3O's number one, the quintessential embodiment of what N3O stands for. Maria charms you with her warm smiles and giggles, but will never settle for "good enough" and is always raising the bar, challenging every single member of the gang to always exceed themselves. Her biggest task is to keep the balance between business target-y stuff and the sanity of the troupe, which is über hard (especially because none of us is sane in the first place)! So Maria makes it a morning routine to call her mom and listen to her calming singing voice that never fails to inspire her; and she also keeps a stash of snacks in her drawer to last throughout the day.

    Maria always makes sure everything, we mean EVERYTHING, goes according to what is planned, and will do whatever it takes to do so - even if it means joining the dark side, starting World War III, or as simple as bribing the creatives with food. After all those chaos, Maria always finds it paradoxically soothing to come home to her husband and three spunky Beagles.


    Out of this curious mess will come out lines and lines of neatly crafted copy. Fan of all things fluffy and awesome, Reisha relies on heavy, ear-blasting music to keep her mind (and sanity) going. Reisha's copywriting is best described by paraphrasing Dethklok's adorable frontman Nathan Explosion: "She is here to make copy metal. She will make everything metal. Blacker than the blackest black times infinity." Anyway, just kidding. She does all sorts of copywriting and will never make it metal if it doesn't fit the purpose.

    Her method to ensure all her duties are perfectly executed is quite unorthodox, which often involves being abusive (out of affection) towards her partners - like poking them with a lightsaber while laughing maniacally. When Reisha is not busy doing awesome copywriting or plotting evil schemes to take over the world, she can be seen babysitting her four-piece metal ensemble Hatefield. Stay out of Reisha's radar if you don't want to become her object of mischief, and if you don't like losing, never challenge her into a battle of quick wits.


    The newest addition to the N3O clan, Afdal is burdened with the glorious purpose of babysitting the barbaric rascals residing in the creative room. It's not an easy task; but luckily for him, he's got all the spiritual support he would be needing, because Afdal never misses his prayers, and he always makes the effort to pray at the mosque, too. Afdal's head is a bottomless well of witty ideas, and he means to inject even more energy into this already energetic team. He highly values honesty and thinks happiness is meant to be shared with other people, because he believes good things will lead to another. The most virtuous personnel, this contrast will sure bring balance to the Force of N3O's creativity, promising a gazillion more wonderful ideas for even more impressive outcomes.

    Family means a great deal to him, as he tries to see them whenever possible, and he often looks at his nephews/nieces' photos for a laugh to inspire him at work. Afdal uses his spare time to read, play a bit of football, jogging or sometimes longboarding. At N3O, there's no such thing as a quiet day, and Afdal always manages to lead the team gracefully, and cheerfully too.